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Alabama's Best.
Why is Barber's the Preferred Milk of Alabama?

Farm and dairy has been a way of life in this region. Maybe they were born with it or maybe they were raised with it, by families who prefer the flavor of Barber's. People who know what good milk should taste like choose Barber's as the best-selling brand here. Ask them why and they'll tell you it tastes better and it stays fresh. Barber's exceeds the standards in temperature, storage and shipping just to make sure that our milk is fresher, better, longer. But you don't have to move to Alabama to get your Barber's --- now available in Mississippi, Georgia and Florida, too!

Freshness. Guaranteed!
Protecting Flavor and Enhancing Nutrition

The original Barber's dairy had its own icehouse to keep the milk cool before it was hand-delivered to the doorstep. Today, your Barber's milk still goes straight from where its made to where its sold, with no warehouses or shipping companies in between. We still insist on optimum coolness, between 35 and 39 degrees, personally delivered to your grocer's shelf in specially-designed opaque jugs that protect the freshness, flavor and nutrients in every delicious sip of Barber's milk. Fresh milk, good and cold. Like it should be.

The Opaque Jug

Both sunlight and artificial light are the natural enemies of milk, robbing it of nutrients and flavor. The specially-designed Opaque Jug protects your Barber's milk from sunlight that robs milk of nutrients and flavor.

Barbers MilkHalf of consumers could actually detect the difference and taste the flavor change if milk was exposed to light for less than two hours. Why? Light causes chemical reactions that modify proteins, a process called photo-degradation or light-oxidization. There is an even worse long-term effect. When teens were asked about the flavor of milk that had been light-exposed, they described it as a bad taste. Buying unprotected milk can spoil your child's taste for milk for life. And we all know milk is essential for health. So for your children's sake, insist on the Opaque Jug. That way, your children will know only the freshest-tasting milk and will love the taste that loves them back.

Barber's invested in the research and development of the Opaque Jug to give you that everyday goodness you expect. The Opaque Jug, like sunglasses for your milk, protects the flavor so we can give you our word, Freshness Guaranteed!

Keep It Cool

No doubt about it, one of the single most important ways to have the best-tasting milk is to Keep It Cool. While some milk research suggest that the standard temperature is 40 degrees, Barber's is better because it's kept even cooler, and those 3 to 5 degrees makes all the difference.

Direct to Shelf

We've been in the dairy business since the days of doorstep delivery, and we still believe in taking your Barber's milk straight from where it's made to where it's sold. We take extra care of our product by hand-delivering it to the stores, minimizing the shipping and controlling the temperature so Barber's can honor the freshness and flavor tradition of Everyday Goodness, with Freshness Guaranteed.



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